Dr. Kathleen Bondurant - Professional Music Instructor

Dr. Kathleen Bondurant - Professional Music Instructor


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"A very fine teacher and performer..."
Julius Baker, Principal Flute, New York Philharmonic

"One of the best teachers in the country!"
Jim Walker, Principal Flute, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"Excellent college preparatory piano instruction!"
Ray Santisi, Professor of Piano, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

  "Not your average neighborhood teacher...She's great!"
        Sir James Galway, Soloist and Principle Flute, Berlin Philharmonic
Dr. Bondurant has the uncanny ability to put a mature player at ease while exploring 
the wonderful new world of music. Her ability to transcend the generation
gap is well appreciated by this student. Her willingness to allow me to
explore and play the type of music that my ability would allow me toplay is
laudable. She is the greatest! Dr. Joe Parker, University of New Haven
"Our daughter studied piano with Dr. Bondurant for four years and thoroughly enjoyed the time.  Dr. B made learning fun and exciting as our daughter was challenged within the limits of her abilities.  Going beyond the ordinary, Dr. B had our daughter (who was 9 at the time) playing duets and accompanying children while they were playing other instruments.  Altogether a great experience."
Cole Corser, Austin, TX
Dr. Kathleen Bondurant is a professional, who has imparted great knowledge to the students at The College of The Bahamas during her tenure with us. She has been very helpful in assisting the Union with research, and someone I would recommend unreservedly.
Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson, President
Union of The Tertiary Educators of the Bahamas (UTEB)
    Dr. Kathleen Bondurant is the best music ambassador I know!  Her list of private students is impressive, and the number of concerts and festivals she has organized is long.  My favorite festival was while she was in the Bahamas, and I was honored to help her clinic various college and church groups.
    Adam Cartwright, music educator in Dibble, Oklahoma
    Well the audition on Sunday went well.  After I played the judge stood up and clapped.  I ended up getting a ONE!  Thank you! -- Kate Thrower, webcam flute student
Hey Kathleen! I'm writing you because one of your old students, Graham Black is giving his final Senior recital tomorrow (today, now) here at ASM, and (partly thanks to YOU) will be attending the University of North Texas College of Music in the fall for applied piano!
I thought you'd be happy to hear that. Graham will (hopefully) be playing for a long long time to come. Yay! Here's a copy of the program for your edification. -- Tim Girardot, Piano Instructor, Austin School of Music
Hope you enjoyed reading my presentation; I had a blast researching and understanding the information.  Thanks for the opportunity to explore other cultures around the world.  I am more appreciative now of your class, because without it, I don't think I would have the chance to learn of other countries, as I have done through these assignments.  Though it has been hard and time consuming, they were all worth it 
From Crystal Alexander, World Music Student, College of the Bahamas
Hey Dr. B!  I'm suppose to be getting a personal keyboard next week in an effort to build my musical skills. The Bahamas
 better watch out because an up and coming maestro is on the way!!! All because of you!!! You are my favorite
 music teacher in the whole wide world!!!! 
-- Clement Russell, student, College of the Bahamas
Dear Dr.Bondurant,
I wish to thank you for the wonderful job organizing Band Fest 2007.
It was the second in what we hope will be come an eagerly anticipated annual event.
A lot of time and energy was devoted to this very worthwhile project in terms of planning,promotion
within the community, registering persons, conducting or helping at clinics and rehearsals and,of course,
assisting with the final performance. And in fact,you did a great deal more!
The concert on Saturday evening in the Kirk on Shirley Street was wonderful and everyone really enjoyed it.
The hard work definitely paid off; the young musicians really benefited from the experience.
Once again, thanks, Kathleen, for everything that you did that made Band Fest such a
Christine Diment, Chairman, School of Communications and Creative Arts, College of the Bahamas

Dear Dr. Bondurant:

It is for me a satisfaction to be able to contact with you to only some days of my son having completed the Band Festival of the College of the Bahamas.

I am the father of Janio Abreu Morcate, and I have been very impressed for the stories that he told us about all the wonderful experiences in those that participated in this event, which constituted their first international experience.

Janio, in this moment, has a lot of job and studies, but he wanted that you know that as soon as he concludes, he will write a letter for you.

    It is my desire to congratulate you for the results, for the organization and quality of the Festival represents for Janio an important step in his vocational training, as well as in the exchange of experiences that were carried out in those four days. 

    I am very grateful for your personal attention that offered to my son at every moment, while I say goodbye to you with my best greetings and thank you for your kindness.
-- Juan Abreu García.Havana, Cuba May 23- 2007
   Dr. Bondurant has taught my 10-year-old daughter, Ruthie, piano for four years and voice and guitar for one year. She is an excellent music     teacher, enthusiastic in her approach, and realistic in her expectations. I have been amazed at Ruthie's progress. It is very important to me that     Ruthie enjoys her piano lessons and practice and does not view them as burdensome and frustrating. Dr. Bondurant has made that possible and I could not be happier with her as a teacher. -- Lisa DeLong, Austin, TX

P.S. Piano camp was so much fun last year that I REALLY want to do it again this summer, and Dr. Bondurant is letting me help plan the activities.
Ruthie DeLong, age 10

My son Paul began flute lessons with Dr. Bondurant when he was in the third grade. I was completely amazed at the progress he made. She is not only a gifted musician herself, but she is a musician who can teach! She makes it fun, holds their attention by giving them a variety of pieces to practice, and, while challenging them to do their best, is understanding and encouraging. . .she instinctively knows when it is time to move on. Over the years I was able to observe her guidance with the more mature student. Her own performance background I thought was a valuable asset as she guided them in the areas of audition and performance.

She is a person of integrity and loyalty, caring and capable. I highly recommend Dr. Kathleen Bondurant as a teacher. -- Becky Shipp, Austin, TX

Dr. Bondurant has been teaching piano to my son Travis for two years. The progress Travis has made during this time has amazed my husband and me, who are both non-musical. Dr. Bondurant has opened a door to music for Travis. He can now make a choice about playing as a serious musician or simply for recreation. I believe it is Dr. Bondurant's skill and professionalism that fosters this type of love for music and musicianship.
When it is time for lessons Dr. Bondurant is always ready to go. She uses great books with her students (Travis loves his Jazz and Ragtime books.) Dr. Bondurant is very clear in her expectations, corrections, and praise. Dr. Bondurant is the perfect teacher for any student that does not handle ambiguity well.

Dr. Bondurant has spent time teaching Travis about composers, different types of music, orchestral music and instruments. She allows the child's interests to direct her instruction.

We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Bondurant as our piano instructor. We commute two hours a week to lessons because we believe so strongly in her teaching ability. She is a great teacher.-- Kimberly Miller

My 11 year old daughter had never played the flute and had been unable to attend her school's summer band camp. She was only going to be allowed to participate in band on the condition that she receive private instruction. She began taking lessons from Dr. Bondurant. She received a 98 in band for her first six week evaluation period. By the end of the year she was the only elementary flute player that received a gold medal in her school's music competition. When I began looking for a flute teacher I was informed that Dr. Bondurant was the most highly skilled flute teacher in Austin. That information was obviously correct.  Anonymous.

My son Collin who is 15 years old has been with Dr. Bondurant for nine months, and I wish we would have started with her a lot earlier. Although he had studied piano for 7 years, he wasn't as far along as I thought he should be. Then we began with Kathleen. What a difference she has made! He's getting instruction now that I wish he would have been getting all along. Also, although she holds a doctorate in music and this is her full time career, her prices are very reasonable.

Collin was in her music camp last summer and it was a lot of fun. The kids each wrote a story, a theme song (words and music), then went to a studio to record it. They even each made a back drop. At the end of the week they performed in front of their back drop for the parents. Collin really enjoyed it. If you're looking for a teacher, I recommend her.--Deborah Mahoney, Austin, TX 

I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Dr. Bondurant. I have known Dr. Bondurant since she joined the department of Music at The College of The Bahamas in August of 2005. Dr. Bondurant is a very gifted and creative administrator and teacher, who made a positive difference in the department here. Her outstanding education and diverse work experience make her an appropriate choice for any position.

Dr. Bondurant has a tremendous attitude, works well with colleagues and students, and is strongly goal-oriented. She listens to others and shows great diplomacy, yet nevertheless displays just the right amount of authority. Her students are prepared and perform well at juries and in other performance situations as a result of her leadership and guidance. Dr. Bondurant is always meticulously prepared for classes ensuring her students receive high quality instruction and she is known to provide her classes with many “extra” materials at her own expense.

Experienced in handling budgets, finance, and corporate administration, and employee supervision, as well as facilities management, Dr. Bondurant has more than proved her exceptional abilities to initiate, plan, organize, and execute significant tasks on her own, and also while working in group situations. 

Even though, my area of expertise is Psychology and Statistical Analysis, in my experience, I have rarely witnessed anyone with her expertise, professionalism, preparedness, and energy to lead with confidence.

Susan J. Plumridge,Coordinator/Assistant Professor
Psychology, SOSC, College of The Bahamas 
      Hey, Dr.B!  Here I am taking Mus 201, and to my shock, you're MIA from COB. I had forgotten that you were leaving The College. It really is sad to not have you around the music block. Hopefully next semester, I will officially be a Music major.  Thank you so much, Dr.B, for everything over the last semester. You were a great inspiration and a marvelous lecturer. You'll be greatly missed.
                Travis Carroll, student, Music Fundamentals, College of the Bahamas


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